Residential Renovations of Concrete Pools



There are probably hundreds of pool companies in Palm Beach County advertising themselves as 'pool construction and renovation'.

After 30 years in business we've realized there is a big difference between building a new pool and being able to renovate an existing pool.

We're not going to try and sell you options you don't want or don't need. We will listen to your requirements, understand your budget and then, coupled with our experience, give you options based upon those criteria.

Concrete Pools account for 90%+ of residential pools in the SE Florida market. There is a big difference between how these pools were built over the years. Things changed in terms of regulations, but things also changed in terms of workmanship with the new Pool Construction Market.

We offer all the usual services within the scope of a residential renovation, but we also offer some differences...
1. Our exclusive epoxy-based surface finish. This is a surface finish that is far superior to any of the traditional plaster finishes. See our sister company for more details
2. Lighting - This is a fundamental element of a pool that can easily transform it from just another back yard in to something special.
We are a faith and family-based company.
We run our business the way we run our lives...with integrity.
Everything we do, we do to honor our Creator.

We are a fully licensed Pool Contractor with the State of Florida and we are fully bonded and insured; carrying both General Liability and Workman's Comp Insurance
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